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Model Railway
Exhibition 2017

Black Country Blues (EM) - Expo 2017 Layout
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Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition 2017

Chiltern Show Programme 2017

Model Railway
Exhibition 2017

organised by the CMRA was held on

Saturday & Sunday 14th & 15th January
The Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre,
Lytton Way, Stevenage,

2017 saw our first show in the Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre. With two large halls we were able to invite more and larger layouts to attend along with a greatly increased trade presence. There were wider aisles in which our visitors could move more freely and all on one level.

In all we had thirty four layouts attending in a wide variety of scale, size, period and prototype supported by many demonstration and society stands. Also in attendance were 42 members of the trade and the CMRA Member's sales stand

The Main Hall on the Sunday morning

Pictures of the layouts were taken for your enjoyment. Please click on the thumbnails below to open up the relevant slideshow.

Stand 12a, Missenden St Marys

Missenden St Marys
(click for 3 pictures)

Stand 13, Netherwood Sidings

Netherwood Sidings
(click for 9 pictures)

Stand 14, Copenhagen Fields

Copenhagen Fields
(click for 23 pictures)

Stand 18, Canada Street

Canada Street
(click for 9 pictures)

Stand 21, Smeerdijk

(click for 9 pictures)

Stand 23, Stratford Road

Stratford Road
(click for 7 pictures)

Stand 28, Central Works

Central Works
(click for 10 pictures)

Stand 33, Chica, Illinois

Chica, Illinois
(click for 14 pictures)

Stand 34, Sidmouth

(click for 12 pictures)

Stand 36, Trowland

(click for 10 pictures)

Stand 37, Leeman Road

Leeman Road
(click for 8 pictures)

Stand 38, Laramie Engine Terminal

Laramie Engine Terminal
(click for 8 pictures)

Stand 42, Grange West Tramway

Grange West Tramway
(click for 12 pictures)

Stand 43, Oberdorf II

Oberdorf II
(click for 8 pictures)

Stand 45, Vopak Terminal

Vopak Terminal
(click for 12 pictures)

Stand 46, Cariboo River

Cariboo River
(click for 13 pictures)

Stand 50, Yewston Road

Yewston Road
(click for 5 pictures)

Stand 53, Wendsleydale

(click for 6 pictures)

Stand 58, Questa

(click for 8 pictures)

Stand 59, Black Country Blues

Black Country Blues
(click for 16 pictures)

Stand 61, Dungeness Daydreaming

Dungeness Daydreaming
(click for 10 pictures)

Stand 62, Southern Cross Preservation Trust

Southern Cross Preservation Trust
(click for 7 pictures)

Stand 65, Porth St John

Porth St John
(click for 9 pictures)

Stand 66, The End of the Line

The End of the Line
(click for 12 pictures)

Stand 68, Webb's Wharf

Webb's Wharf
(click for 7 pictures)

Stand 69, Battlefield Estate

Battlefield Estate
(click for 6 pictures)

Stand 70, Cascades Monorail Transit

Cascades Monorail Transit
(click for 6 pictures)

Stand 87, Cato Pass

Cato Pass
(click for 8 pictures)

Stand 88, St Pierre et la Rue Perrin

St Pierre et la Rue Perrin
(click for 15 pictures)

Stand 90, Loughborough Road

Loughborough Road
(click for 15 pictures)

Stand 91, Oulton TMD

Oulton TMD
(click for 16 pictures)

Stand 94, Portsea

(click for 8 pictures)

Stand 96, The Clydach Railway

The Clydach Railway
(click for 12 pictures)

Stand 109, Eskmuir

(click for 12 pictures)

We also took pictures of the other stands at the exhibition, including demonstration stands and members of the trade. Please click on the thumbnails below to open up the relevant slideshow.

Stand 2, Ten Commandments

Members of the Trade
(click for 44 pictures)

Stand 1, Information Stand

Demonstrations etc
(click for 40 pictures)

Changes from Exhibition Programme

As mentioned in the guide the layout The Bridge at Remagen (58) was withdrawn by its owner Al Turner due to acute family circumstances. The space was filled by Questa, an On30 layout by Andrew Jones who kindly stepped in at short notice. As the replacement layout was smaller than the one withdrawn we were able to accommodate two additional members of the trade; Totem Signs and Powerbond Glue.

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