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St Albans
Model Railway
Exhibition 2004

Adavoyle Junction (Tony Miles & Friends)
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St Albans Model Railway Exhibition 2004

St Albans Show Programme 2004

St Albans
Model Railway
Exhibition 2004

organised by the CMRA was held on

Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th January
The Alban Arena,
Civic Centre, St Albans,

In 2004 we had twenty three layouts attending in a wide variety of scale, size, period and prototype supported by many demonstration and society stands. Also in attendance were 26 members of the trade and the CMRA Member's sales stand

The main auditorium on the Saturday morning

Pictures of the layouts were taken for your enjoyment. Please click on the thumbnails below to open up the relevant slideshow.

Stand F7, Severn Beach

Severn Beach
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand F8, Zertrummelt

(click for 3 pictures)

Stand H13, Ketton Castle

Ketton Castle
(click for 2 pictures)

Stand H14, Kopikopiko

(click for 3 pictures)

Stand H21, Peakdale

(click for 3 pictures)

Stand H23, Rica Luno

Rica Luno
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand H24, Calcutta Sidings

Calcutta Sidings
(click for 3 pictures)

Stand H25, Main Line Steam

Main Line Steam
(click for 2 pictures)

Stand H27, Schleching

(click for 5 pictures)

Stand S31, Adavoyle Junction

Adavoyle Junction
(click for 5 pictures)

Stand S32, Cromford Wharf

Cromford Wharf
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand S34, Ehen Bridge

Ehen Bridge
(click for 5 pictures)

Stand U39, Hoath Hill Halt

Hoath Hill Halt
(click for 3 pictures)

Stand U45, Iceni Cement

Iceni Cement
(click for 3 pictures)

Stand U46, Layouts you can live with

Layouts you can live with
(click for a picture)

Stand U48, Walmington Pier

Walmington Pier
(click for a picture)

Stand L56, Queen Street Goods

Queen Street Goods
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand L57, Saffron Street

Saffron Street
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand L59, Littlehaven Belt Line

Littlehaven Belt Line
(click for 2 pictures)

Stand L64, Hoch Giebeln / High Gables

Hoch Giebeln / High Gables
(click for a picture)

Stand L65, Red Rocks Railroad

Red Rocks Railroad
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand L68, Tolcarn Engine Shed

Tolcarn Engine Shed
(click for 4 pictures)

Stand L73, Eaton South

Eaton South
(click for 3 pictures)

We also took pictures of the other stands at the exhibition, including demonstration stands and members of the trade. Please click on the thumbnails below to open up the relevant slideshow.

Stand F2, Roxey Mouldings

Members of the Trade
(click for 27 pictures)

Stand F1, Programmes & Passouts

Demonstrations etc
(click for 24 pictures)

Changes from Exhibition Programme

Various stands and layouts had to be repositioned from their planned locations due to restrictions within the venue.

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