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Denis Moore

Fence Houses (2mm/ft finescale) - Expo 2015 Layout
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The Denis Moore Cup

The late Denis Moore

In the late summer of 2004 Denis Moore, President of both the CMRA and the de Haviland MRS, died. He played a very active part in both organisations for decades and is still sadly missed by both. The members of the de Haviland MRS decided that the annual presentation of a Cup for the best scenic modelling on a layout appearing at the St Albans Exhibition would be a definitive way of remembering Denis - scenic modelling being his forte. The CMRA has supported this concept and now provide a suitable replica each year for the recipient to keep, along with a plaque to be attached to the layout.

The 2015 recipient of the Denis Moore Cup was judged to be the 2mm/ft finescale layout Fence Houses owned and constructed by Bob Jones.

The Denis Moore Cup being presented

The Denis Moore Cup being presented to Bob Jones.
(click main picture for more images of Fence Houses)

Previous Recipients

Stand H34, Melton Mowbray North

Melton Mowbray North
(click for 15 pictures)

2014 Award

Melton Mowbray North (British N)
John Spence & Steve Weston

Stand S40, Clutton

(click for 13 pictures)

2013 Award

Clutton (P4)
Tim Venton

Stand L66, Barrowfleet

(click for 16 pictures)

2012 Award

Barrowfleet (00 & 00-9)
Hull Miniature Railway Society

Stand S40, Totnes

(click for 20 pictures)

2011 Award

Totnes (2mm/ft scale)
John Birkett-Smith

Stand H26, The Gresley Beat

The Gresley Beat
(click for 13 pictures)

2010 Award

The Gresley Beat (00)
Cliff Parsons

Stand F6, Wansbeck Road

Wansbeck Road
(click for 11 pictures)

2009 Award

Wansbeck Road (2mm/ft finescale)
Mick Simpson

Stand L72, Alkham

(click for 10 pictures)

2008 Award

Alkham (EM)
Ian Hollis

Stand S36, Dewsbury Midland

Dewsbury Midland
(click for 11 pictures)

2007 Award

Dewsbury Midland (00)
Manchester Model Railway Club

Stand H31, Rockingham

(click for 9 pictures)

2006 Award

Rockingham (P4)
Ian Clark

Stand H29, Kingswear

(click for 5 pictures)

2005 Award

Kingswear (2mm/ft finescale)
MAP Model Railway Group

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